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Europe's largest excess stock buyer

We are Europe’s largest excess stock buyer, we liquidate your inventory. From unsold, out-of-date, short-dated, to bankrupt inventory, we will purchase it from you. Not only that but we also sell via our sister company thestockseller.com

At the stock buyer, we do exactly what the name may suggest, we liquidate your unwanted inventory. We make clearing your excess stock as simple a process as possible, and there isn’t usually much we will turn down. As a result of our can-do attitude we have built a very reliable and trustworthy niche for ourselves in the surplus, liquidations, and clearance industry, and are always capable of buying at any time. Payment is also in advance (subject to credit checks) and collection is arranged at a time that suits you. Storage is never an issue for us. We have partner sites throughout Europe with up to 500,000 Sqft available. In the UK we have depots in London, Leicester & Manchester. We have taken The Stock Buyer global as we now have Franchises that cover over 74 countries worldwide - UK Office, European Office & Africa Office. Language barriers are also something we do not have issues with as we speak over 10 languages in our global offices (English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Urdu, Punjabi, Russian, Polish, Italian & Swedish).

Our professional buying team have over 50 years of experience and are very easy to work with - in line with our accredited ISO 9001 procedure, you are in safe hands.

The stock buyer’s core business philosophy is to conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism, because we fully understand and recognise the stress that unsold excess inventory can cause for a business, our objective is to unburden you of that stress by ensuring we liquidate your unwanted stock as soon as possible.

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Our Mission

Maintain our position as the Europe’s leading stock clearance and inventory liquidation company, expanding our business into EU and non-EU markets. As a result of enlarging our operations, we intend to provide our services to smaller-scale businesses.

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Why us?

THE ‘Go to guys’

We are known in the industry as the ‘go to guys’, this is thanks to our customer first mindset and reliability. We don’t let our customers down.

We act fast

Time means money and the quicker you can get paid for your stock the easier it is for you, don’t waste money on unneeded storage space.


The last thing we want to do is turn down your offer, we hate saying no. If it’s a viable deal we will take it.

We have space

Thanks to our global partners we are able to take on a vast amount of stock with little notice.


No deal is too big. We have the will and the resources to make them happen.


With our large team of experts we are the renowned specialists in the industry. We have accumulated 347 years of industry experience within our team.


Meet the team

Our professional buying team have over 20 years of experience and are very easy to work with - in line with our accredited ISO 9001 procedure, you are in safe hands. They know hot to expedite the deal making, allowing for quick payment and collection of your stock. We will coordinate all transportation requirements to make the process as simple as possible for you. Do not forget that when dealing with us normal channels of distribution are always protected for the manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers, and service companies that deal with us.

Dina Lamallam

Project Specialist Team Europe & Africa

Axel Silcott

Compliance & Inspection Division

Andy Palmar

Project Specialist Team - Key Accounts

Anna Owczarczyk

Project Specialist Team Corporate Accounts

Chelsea James

Compliance & Legal Division

Lina Galgoczi

Project Specialist - UK and Eastern European

Nargis Merabet

Project Specialist Team Europe & Africa Purchasing

Francesca Bunt

Purchasing Department

Sandy Bridges

Customer Service Team

Lauren Du Plooy

Sales Department

Amber Kate

Operations & Logistics Team

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What they Say

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Although it's a difficult task to move 50 pallets, The Stock Buyer has managed to move all our overstock within a week and allowed us to free up much-needed space and cash flow, payment was prompt and collections were both prompt. We are looking forward to doing business again in the future.

Mr. Glynn

Professional, knowledgeable and efficient with every colleague being extremely approachable. We have built a fantastic business relationship with them in a very short amount of time with our trust for them being second to none! I would highly recommend doing business with them and we look forward to our next deal together.

Mr. Jez

Highly professional and very responsive. We felt you were genuinely seeking a win-win solution for all parties and that a fair price was agreed upon and honoured. We were in touch with several other potential buyers at the time and you were by far the most professional.

T. Andrews

A smooth and easy transaction which helped bring my blood pressure down in an otherwise stressful situation. I dealt with a very polite and affable gentleman, communication was excellent and the transaction went as planned. I wouldn’t hesitate to use The Stock Buyer again. 5 stars!

P. Robinson

Excellent service, it seems they know their markets very well. They are super quick in responding to our offers. They always pay in advance. They also know where to dispose the stock without disrupting the market. Highly recommended to do business with this company.

S. Khona

We care about the environment

We take pride in the fact we are an ethically green company and ensure we are contributing to the protection of the environment throughout all areas of our business. Removal and disposal is taken very seriously at The Stock Buyer. Even our modern fleet of trucks meet our high standards of environmentally friendly output. On top of that if you simply need us to clear your space we will take it away at no cost and help recycle items.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have stock that you need to clear, be sure to contact us. Fill in our contact form below, and let us take the stress and strain out of your business.

Europes Largest Excess Stock Buyer

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