Our ethos is to make life easier for our clients and build long term working relationships. For this reason, we offer a range of services to help you and your business, beyond just buying your stock, from waste disposal to security services. We will find a solution, to make the process as seamless as possible.

The Stock Buyer-Europes Largest Excess Stock Buyer

What we do


We are also an organisation who has put themselves forward for Government and Private Tenders. We use our existing Infrastructure to support fulfilment, storage and logistic based tenders.


We also provide customised services to de-label products in order to protect brands’ value. We can arrange items to be de-labelled, repackaged and made viable for resale.


We take removal and disposal seriously, we are able to fulfil your obligations under the WEEE Directive working with our partners. We can provide suitable certifications when required.


We can on occasion clear your storage space and remove any surplus stock, subject to stock of course, and dispose of it at no cost in the most environmentally friendly way.


Reverse logistics is for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials. It is “the process of moving goods from their typical final destination to capture value or proper disposal.


We have access to high level security logistic services. We have a large team, which are fully trained and regulated. Services range from overnight security to personal and convoy protection.

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Why us?

THE ‘Go to guys’

We are known in the industry as the ‘go to guys’, this is thanks to our customer first mindset and reliability. We don’t let our customers down.

We act fast

Time means money and the quicker you can get paid for your stock the easier it is for you, don’t waste money on unneeded storage space.


The last thing we want to do is turn down your offer, we hate saying no. If it’s a viable deal we will take it.

We have space

Thanks to our global partners we are able to take on a vast amount of stock with little notice.


No deal is too big. We have the will and the resources to make them happen.


With our large team of experts we are the renowned specialists in the industry. We have accumulated 347 years of industry experience within our team.

What they Say

The stock buyer- brandThe stock buyer-icon

Although it's a difficult task to move 50 pallets, The Stock Buyer has managed to move all our overstock within a week and allowed us to free up much-needed space and cash flow, payment was prompt and collections were both prompt. We are looking forward to doing business again in the future.

Mr. Glynn

Professional, knowledgeable and efficient with every colleague being extremely approachable. We have built a fantastic business relationship with them in a very short amount of time with our trust for them being second to none! I would highly recommend doing business with them and we look forward to our next deal together.

Mr. Jez

Highly professional and very responsive. We felt you were genuinely seeking a win-win solution for all parties and that a fair price was agreed upon and honoured. We were in touch with several other potential buyers at the time and you were by far the most professional.

T. Andrews

A smooth and easy transaction which helped bring my blood pressure down in an otherwise stressful situation. I dealt with a very polite and affable gentleman, communication was excellent and the transaction went as planned. I wouldn’t hesitate to use The Stock Buyer again. 5 stars!

P. Robinson

Excellent service, it seems they know their markets very well. They are super quick in responding to our offers. They always pay in advance. They also know where to dispose the stock without disrupting the market. Highly recommended to do business with this company.

S. Khona

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