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We buy wholesale liquidated stock in 73 countries, including UK and Europe. Whether its bankruptcy, clearance or excess stock, we will buy it from you with a quick and easy process.

Cancelled orders?

We know how disappointing and stressful it can be to miss out on expected orders, we are here to help.

Too much stock?

Overestimating your sales is an easy mistake to make, let us fix that for you today!

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Less Than 5 Products

For stock offers that are less than five different product lines please fill our easy to use stock submission form.

More Than 5 Products

If you have more than five different product lines, please provide us with details and our purchasing department will be in touch.

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"Although it's a difficult task to move 50 pallets, The Stock Buyer has managed to move all our overstock within a week and allowed us to free up much-needed space and cash flow, payment was prompt and collections were both prompt. We are looking forward to doing business again in the future."

Mr Glynn

"Professional, knowledgeable and efficient with every colleague being extremely approachable. We have built a fantastic business relationship with them in a very short amount of time with our trust for them being second to none! I would highly recommend doing business with them and we look forward to our next deal together."

Mr Jez

"Excellent service, it seems they know their markets very well. They are super quick in responding to our offers. They always pay in advance. They also know where to dispose the stock without disrupting the market. Highly recommended to do business with this company."

S. Khona

"Highly professional and very responsive. We felt you were genuinely seeking a win-win solution for all parties and that a fair price was agreed upon and honoured. We were in touch with several other potential buyers at the time and you were by far the most professional."

T. Andrews

What clearance stock do we buy?

We buy a wide range of stock categories, from electronics to FMCG. If it the price is write and meets our criteria, we will buy your excess stock!

We do not buy:

Partner with us

We collaborate with Liquidators / Administrators, Insolvency Practitioners, Inventory asset valuers, Companies in critical condition.

It's our mission to streamline the stock selling process, we are specialists in re-homing large quantities of stock fast and hassle free.


Avoid Auction

Going to auction can be a lengthy process, selling to us means you get an instant deal and avoid anymore wasted time.



Our partnership offers liquidity at the earliest possible opportunity. Liquidating stock as soon as it is needed reduces extra costs, time and storage.


Fixed Price

Going to auction means less control over the final sale price. We can offer a reserved price so you know exactly what cash flow will be returning.  


Business Rescue

Implementing a strategic process to get your business back on track - if and where possible.

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