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Please ensure you are being as descriptive as possible and accurate with all the information you provide us.



Please advise on the lowest price you are seeking to achieve. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days to make the necessary arrangements.



Once we have agreed on your deal we will proceed to pay you directly & arrange for the removal of your inventory.

Can you supply us?

Put simply, yes! We want your stock… It isn’t viable for us to pay as much as the traditional routes to market, but we are extremely efficient and pay as soon as the joblot has been received at one of our warehouses.

Please follow our simple process by providing us with the stock details as well as your lowest price, we do not make offers. Our policy is to simply follow up with a yes or no, we aim to do this within 24 hours on working days.

We always encourage our clients to explore alternative routes prior to calling us, our offers are open for 48 hours – once made. If you have multiple stock lots we suggest that you send us a maximum of 5 product types. If these are accepted then proceed to send us offers for the remaining stock.






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Please fill in our short questionnaire and ensure you are being as descriptive as possible and accurate with all the information you provide us. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours on working days. If you have any queries you’d like to discuss then do not hesitate to use our chat box or send us an email.

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The European Article Number (EAN) is a barcode standard, a 12- or 13-digit product identification code. Typically, the EAN is printed on a product label or packaging as a bar code. if you can get the stock EAN code if possible or clearly state the description with the brand name & model number.
Please advise your absolute bottom line price, we do not barter or make any counter offers.
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What they Say

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Although it's a difficult task to move 50 pallets, The Stock Buyer has managed to move all our overstock within a week and allowed us to free up much-needed space and cash flow, payment was prompt and collections were both prompt. We are looking forward to doing business again in the future.

Mr. Glynn

Professional, knowledgeable and efficient with every colleague being extremely approachable. We have built a fantastic business relationship with them in a very short amount of time with our trust for them being second to none! I would highly recommend doing business with them and we look forward to our next deal together.

Mr. Jez

Highly professional and very responsive. We felt you were genuinely seeking a win-win solution for all parties and that a fair price was agreed upon and honoured. We were in touch with several other potential buyers at the time and you were by far the most professional.

T. Andrews

A smooth and easy transaction which helped bring my blood pressure down in an otherwise stressful situation. I dealt with a very polite and affable gentleman, communication was excellent and the transaction went as planned. I wouldn’t hesitate to use The Stock Buyer again. 5 stars!

P. Robinson

Excellent service, it seems they know their markets very well. They are super quick in responding to our offers. They always pay in advance. They also know where to dispose the stock without disrupting the market. Highly recommended to do business with this company.

S. Khona