Creative black Friday marketing ideas

Jessica Croft

Gift guides

By creating a gift guide it not only promotes your products and offers but provides direction for someone looking for a certain gift. For example ‘gifts for your girlfriend’. To receive a higher ranking on Google than your competitors, include more items than the websites that are currently at the top. Include the blog on your website home page, send it out on an email to your customer database and create a collection or blog on Shopify. Blogs can be shared on social media which can be another way to get more exposure, especially if you make it a paid ad.

A free gift with every purchase

Giving away a free gift is a fun black Friday deal, people love receiving something free especially when it's something they are interested in. You can set minimums, for example a free gift with every purchase over £100. Ensure you feature this deal on your home page so it is viable to the customers and encourages them to place and order.

Extend the sale from black Friday to cyber Monday

By extending your sale an extra four days until Monday you will gain more customers and profits. Black Friday is the most popular day for sales so focus more on that day and slightly reduce the offers on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Offer mystery savings

The element of surprise can be a great way to market products on black Friday. A digital spin the wheel is a good example of something that is a fun and exciting way for customers to receive offers.

Offer a VIP/ loyalty discount

If you have a loyalty scheme or VIP programme, offer them an early access code to view the discounts before everyone else or exclusive further discounts. Since they have bought from you before they are likely to make another purchase. Ways you can advertise this is through a Facebook event or a landing page.

Spending more on paid ads

During the black Friday period, companies will be spending a lot more on adverts. Spending more on ads is an investment as your products will be shown to your target audience which will result in more customers and profit. When advertising, include an offer that is going to catch people's attention and mention black Fridays. If potential / existing customers are presented with the right offer then they will buy. Show your biggest selling product with a good discount so you attract the most customers / attention.

Make the most of SMS

Sending text messages to existing customers is a great way to inform them of your black Friday deals. SMS has a 98% open rate so what better method to get your message across? SMS should be used alongside other communication methods like email.

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